Help Your Trees Thrive

Help Your Trees Thrive

Schedule tree pruning services in Antioch, TN

Don't let your trees grow out of control. Hire Open Up The Sky LLC for tree pruning services in the Antioch, TN area. We can remove overgrown branches and shape the canopies of your trees to improve their appearance dramatically. Trimming and pruning your trees regularly can also boost their health by:

  • Increasing their sun exposure and air circulation
  • Keeping them from developing broad, weak branches
  • Helping them grow into the proper shape
  • Halting the spread of tree disease

Call today to arrange for tree trimming services. We'll be happy to answer any questions.

Not your average tree care company

Open Up The Sky provides a lot more than just tree pruning services in Antioch, TN. You can turn to our tree care specialists for:

  • Reshaping - we can shape your trees to look their best
  • Thinning and deadwooding - we can remove dead, unsightly and overgrown branches to help keep healthy branches healthy
  • Aerating - we can aerate your soil to help your trees get the nutrients they need to thrive

Reach out right away to get reliable tree trimming services. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.